Sttanford | Shamus O'Brien

We are delighted to announce that we are recording Charles Villiers Stanford’s most popular opera, Shamus O’Brien. This will be a joint project with BBC Radio 3, scheduled for recording in 2022 (dependent upon funding). The orchestra will be the BBC Concert Orchestra, and we are thrilled that the acclaimed conductor David Parry has agreed to direct it.

In Progress

Macfarren | The Soldier's Legacy

We are delighted to announce that we have now recorded The Soldier’s Legacy by George Alexander Macfarren. After several delays for COVID safety, the recording took place at St Thomas’ Stockport in December.

In Progress

Dibdin | The Wags

The most successful of Dibdin’s celebrated ‘Table Entertainments’, including fifteen of his finest songs.


Smyth | Fête Galante
Lehman | The Happy Prince

An operatic evocation of the commedia dell’arte coupled to a musicall retelling of Oscar Wilde‘s story.


Dibdin | The Jubilee

The eighteenth-century’s longest-running musical comedy, a delightful celebration of Shakespeare


Loder | Raymond and Agnes

The most ambitious and impressive British opera from the mid-nineteenth century. A gloriously Gothic masterpiece, with a wicked Baron, a ghost, and an ill-treated heroine.


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