Shamus O’Brien

C.V. Stanford | Shamus O’Brien

Stanford’s most popular opera is set against the Irish rebellion of 1798, and tells the story of the charismatic Shamus O’Brien, hunted by the English so he can be brought to justice – but will he manage to escape? The opera was so successful that Stanford feared it would incite anti-English sentiment and he withdrew it, but, revived after his death, its mix of pathos, drama, and melodies proved irresistible.


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Shamus O’Brien was written as an Irish work, and so the five Irish characters were taken by singers from the Republic of Ireland (headed by Brendan Collins), with Captain Trevor sung by the quintessentially English Joseph Doody. We recorded in Glasgow in January and February 2023 with the Orchestra of Scottish Opera, with a little more recording taking place later at Champs Hill, Surrey – our singer for Nora was ill during the main recording session, and though she could speak, Anna Brady was unable to sing, and by the time her voice had recovered, it had also developed further – but downwards, and Gemma Ní Bhriain took over the vocal rôle. The wonderful Opera Bohemia Voices came in to sing the chorus, and the renowned David Parry conducted and kept everyone under control. The whole week of the main recording was an extraordinary time – all our recordings are invariably first recordings, and there is always a frisson of excitement about hearing music that has not been heard for decades. The orchestra was magnificent.

Sir Charles Villiers Stanford was a prolific composer, and his church music, in particular, is regularly played and sung. He was also widely recognised as a highly influential composition teacher at the Royal College of Music, London, in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, where his students included Vaughan Williams, Holst, Frank Bridge and Muriel Herbert. He Shamus O’Brien, based on Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu’s poem and with a libretto by the Irish writer George H. Jessop, had everything – a strong story, comedy, pathos, a historical basis, plus memorable tunes (two were very familiar folk tunes). It was what the Dublin-born Stanford wanted – a work that would be popular, with firmly Irish roots, that would show that he was much more than a very fine symphonist and choral composer. First performed at the Opera Comique in London in 1896, it was subsequently performed around the world,  with much made of the inclusion of a part for a player of Irish, or Uilleann pipes.

Sir Charles Villiers Stanford | Shamus O’Brien

Music by Sir Charles Villiers Stanford (1852–1924)
Libretto by George H. Jessop (c.1851–1915)
New edition by Valerie Langfield

Brendan Collins | Shamus O’Brien
Anna Brady, Gemma Ní Bhrian | Nora O’Brien
Andrew Gavin | Mike Murphy
Rory Dunne | Father O’Flynn
Ami Hewitt | Kitty, Nora’s sister
Joseph Doody | Captain Trevor
Catriona Clark | The Banshee
Sergeant Cox | David Parry
Uilleann pipes | Jarlath Henderson
Opera Bohemia Voices | Alistair Digges and Douglas Nairne, Artistic Directors

The Orchestra of Scottish Opera
Conducted by David Parry
Benjamin Hamilton | Assistant Conductor

CD 1

1 | Overture

Act 1

2 | Act 1 Introduction (Father O’Flynn, chorus)
3 | And that’s the boy…
4 | Sortie
5 | Where is the man (Kitty)
6 | Stip nately over the stones…
7 | He’s straight as a Dart (Kitty, Mike, Captain)
8 | Now, yer honour, ye know…
9 | Well, he’d take me by the hand (Kitty, Captain)
10 | An’ in troth he’s a nice young man…
11 | I’ve sharpened the sword (Shamus)
12 | And I’m afraid they’ve had warning…
13 | Is it Shamus you seek? (Captain, Shamus, chorus)
14 | This is a most aggravating creature…
15 | Act 1 Finale (Kitty, Nora, O’Flynn, chorus)
16 | Jig and Act 1 Finale continued (ensemble)

CD 2

Act 2

1 | Entr’acte
2 | Act 2 Introduction
3 | My heart is thrall (Captain)
4 | You wanted to see me, sir?…
5 | What the devil are you doing (Captain, Mike)
6 | Don’t be a fool…
7 | Ochone, when I used to be young (Mike Murphy)
8 | Walk, girls, walk (Kitty, chorus)
9 | Why Kitty – you here!…
10 | So it’s kisses you’re craving (Kitty, Captain)
11 | It’s a bargain! Shake hands on it!…
12 | Darlin’, darlin’ (Nora, Shamus)
13 | You’re feeling bad now…
14 | March
15 | The Court is open…
16 | Ensemble and Melodrama (Nora, Banshee, Captain, Shamus, O’Flynn, chorus)
17 | Entr’acte
18 | They’re taking him from the jail (Kitty, Nora, O’Flynn, chorus)
19 | Well, girls, the procession has started…
20 |  Act 2 Finale (ensemble)

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