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Our Privacy Statement
Retrospect Opera takes great care to safeguard the privacy of its subscribers and customers and to look after the personal data of individuals in accordance with UK law.
  • We store information about our subscribers (and anyone else who asks to be put on the list), so that we can send you emails and newsletters telling you of the latest developments in our various projects, and sometimes information about relevant events.
  • You can unsubscribe from receiving emails and letters by contacting us on and asking us to remove you from the list. We would expect to do that within a couple of days.
  • We never pass on your details to any third party, nor use the data, or allow it to be used, for commercial purposes.
  • We can delete your details if you ask us to, but we do have to retain those details that enable us to comply with other parts of the law (such as keeping financial records).
  • We can also tell you what details we hold on you (they consist, incidentally, of your contact details, donation amounts and details, and what CDs you’ve received from us). That gives you the opportunity to correct or update them.
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