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We have a range of performing materials available to hire. We can also provide single items from the operas.

Vocal scores for some of these operas are available on IMSLP. Vocal scores of the period often have typographical errors in them, are sometimes hard to read, and at times don’t actually match the original full score. Very, very gradually, we are producing newly typeset vocal scores which match the other performing materials.

For information about fees and other details please contact us using the form opposite/below.

The Bohemian GirlBalfefull score and parts – this matches the Boosey Royal edition of the vocal score, which is available on IMSLP
FalstaffBalfefull score, parts and the newly typeset vocal score
The Maid of ArtoisBalfefull score and parts
Raymond and AgnesLoderfull score, parts and the newly typeset vocal score
Robin HoodMacfarrenfull score and parts
The Boatswain’s MateSmythWe can offer 3 versions: full orchestral (which is not actually ready yet, but can be if there is real interest), and two reduced orchestrations, ‘A’ and ‘B’, both of which Smyth herself made. The ‘B’ version is for just 11 players plus 3 for the on-stage band. Do note that for the reduced orchestration versions, Smyth cut the Intermezzo between Parts 1 and 2, and some of Part 2 Scene 8. The vocal score is available via IMSLP, so only the full scores and parts are available. Please email for details of the orchestral requirements
LurineWallaceWe welcome enquiries
Piano ConcertoRuth GippsWe welcome enquiries
Piano Concerto and the Variations for piano and orchestraDora BrightWe welcome enquiries
The Mountain SylphBarnettfull score and parts
The Night DancersLoder (reconstructed by Valerie Langfield)full score and parts
She Stoops to ConquerMacfarrenfull score and parts
The Boatswain’s MateSmythwe can offer 3 versions: full orchestral, and reduced ‘A’ and reduced ‘B’ – please see Operas above for more information
The WreckersSmythboth the Overture and also the Prelude to Act 2 ‘On the Cliffs of Cornwall’
The Golden WebbGoring Thomasfull score and parts
The Amber WitchWallaceful score and parts
My Long Hair is BraidedWallacefrom The Amber Witch
Haughty MaidWallacefrom The Amber Witch

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