Our vision is very simple

To allow people to hear great British operas that they may only have read about, by recording them, to the highest standards possible.

How we do it…


We research the history of opera and related works in Britain’s richly varied musical theatre tradition.


We make studio recordings with professional musicians, following original scores and texts as much as possible, and taking into account what we know of the composer’s intentions.


We release our acclaimed recordings on CD and in streaming formats, accompanied by full texts and informative essays.

Our Team of Trustees

Valerie Langfield

Andy H. King

David Chandler

Chris Wiley

Benjamin Hamilton



These are not just high standards of performance, but also high standards of preparation of the performing materials.


We obtain copies of the original materials, usually a manuscript score, and typeset it, straightening out inconsistencies and mistakes in the original, and sorting out anything that isn’t clear, and if a decision has had to be made, marking it in the score, so that the performers know exactly what the composer wrote, and what’s had to be adjusted.


The consequence is that you, the audience, can trust that what you hear is what the composer really intended.

Record and Release

We make professional studio recordings with first-class singers and musicians. These are released on CD, and are also available as downloads and on streaming services. The CDs are accompanied by informative booklets that contain introductory essays on the works and their background, as well as a full text of what was recorded. Our recordings have been widely reviewed and several of them have been broadcast on BBC Radio 3.