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Christmas Gambols and The Musical Tour of Mr Dibdin by Charles Dibdin
    This is the first album devoted to the songs of Charles Dibdin. Having written and composed the most successful English operas of the 1770s, and achieved fame as an actor and singer, Dibdin developed his own one-man show, allowing him to display all his talents. He called these shows, in which he stood or sat at a piano, ‘Table Entertainments’. His songs were written to be presented dramatically in these shows, and Retrospect Opera have recorded the songs as they were originally meant to be heard, in the first ever recreation of the Table Entertainments. The Musical Tour of Mr Dibdin is a shortened version of Dibdin's first Table Entertainment, from 1787, while the main piece, Christmas Gambols, is a complete Christmas show from 1795. Christmas Gambols, a celebration of traditional Christmas games and festivity, offers the fullest picture of an eighteenth-century English Christmas available anywhere.

  • Tracks 1-9: from The Musical Tour of Mr Dibdin (29.54)
  • Tracks 10-17: Christmas Gambols (44.36)
  • Simon Butteriss (baritone)
  • Stephen Higins (fortepiano)

  • The 36-page booklet includes the full libretto, and essays by Simon Butteriss, David Chandler and Jeremy Barlow.
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