Our Donation Guidelines...                                  Registered Charity no. 1164150

If you would like to donate via Paypal, please click on the link below. We know people in Japan sometimes have difficulty with the Paypal system - please e-mail us and we’ll send you a Paypal invoice. If you are in the UK, please pay by cheque or BACS if you can, as we don't have to pay any  commission that way - see below for more details.

If you would prefer to use something other than Paypal, please click on the Donate button below. This takes you to the website of the Charities Aid Foundation, from which you can donate using a variety of other methods. This should reduce the likelihood of having to pay heavy bank charges! With Paypal, we get your email address; with the CAF method, we don't, so PLEASE EMAIL US if you donate via CAF!

To buy a CD, please go to our Sales page.

However much you're able to give, please don't forget to e-mail us and tell us:

1. ... which opera you want to support (this is really important);

- and -
2. ... if you're donating a sufficient amount, whether you’d like your name on the website, or whether you'd rather remain anonymous.


Up to £24.99 for Fête Galante and Christmas Gambols (£29.99 for Raymond and Agnes):

We're really grateful for all contributions, large or small; but alas! we can't afford to give you a copy unless you become a Retrospect Supporter.

£25+ for Fête Galante and Christmas Gambols (£30+ for Raymond and Agnes)

You're a Retrospect Supporter: you'll get the CD, your name on the website and you'll receive regular email updates on the progress of the recording, pictures of the rehearsals once they start, and pictures taken at the recording sessions too. Please would you consider increasing your donation to something above the £30/£25 threshold? A little more would make a big difference to us, and at the very least cover the commission that Paypal and CAF charge (as we’re a charity, it’s not a lot but it all adds up!).

£50+ for Fête Galante and Christmas Gambols (£75+ for Raymond and Agnes)

You're a Retrospect Sponsor - you get everything a Supporter gets, plus your name in the CD liner notes.

£100+ for Fête Galante and Christmas Gambols (£150+ for Raymond and Agnes)

Christmas Gamboller, Fête Galante Masquerader or Loder Angel - you choose! You get all the above, plus a second CD, your name highlighted in the CD liner notes, and the chance to attend the recording sessions for your chosen opera.


You become a Retrospect Friend of the particular project you’ve chosen to support. You get all the above, with your name further highlighted in the liner notes, and as a special thank you for your generous support we’ll also give you a copy of every other recording we release!


If you donate £1,000 or more, whether in one instalment to one project or several instalments to a variety of projects, we'll make you a Retrospect Life Member. You'll have all the benefits of a Friend, and your name will be further highlighted in the CD liner notes of every single recording we release (irrespective of whether you donated to that project specifically), and of course you'll be eligible to attend all our recording sessions.

And those who make a substantially higher gift may care to sponsor a particular item within an opera. Click here - let's negotiate!


If you are paying from a UK bank account, it will help us if you can deposit your donation directly into our bank account, via BACS, or else send us a cheque. This way, we don’t pay commission; Paypal and CAF do charge commission. If you donate via BACS, please send us an e-mail containing your name and other details, so we can thank and acknowledge you. If you don't email us, we have no means of contacting you, and that will make us very sad indeed.

If you donate by cheque or BACS, please click here to download our bank details and address.

If you are a UK taxpayer, please consider making a Gift Aid declaration. Click here to download a Declaration Form which you can email back to us. Gift Aid increases your donation by at least 25%, at no cost to you, and it makes a huge difference to us.

We're looking at other ways of thanking you for your support and would welcome suggestions. Click here to contact us.
Our Other Sources of Funding ...

We're funded by grant-awarding bodies, by major individual sponsors but above all, by you! We're very grateful to everyone who believes this music is worth bringing alive again, and who is able to help us achieve our aims.